The Management System applies to all activities, products and services carried out within the plant located in via Piovego, 113 Arsego di S. Giorgio delle Pertiche (PD).

The field of application is:

Design and production of air filters for endothermic engines, filter elements and accessories, diesel filters and filtration systems for various applications through calendering, molding, washing, tumbling and welding of metal components, polyurethane foaming and polymerization, cooking paper, bonding and assembly.

The field was identified through the context analysis, including the examination of external and internal factors, requirements of the relevant stakeholders, identification of the organizational units, products and services provided by the company, ability to exercise control.

The system applies to all processes identified in the Annex Processes and Indicators and to all support activities. The field of application also includes the activities possibly outsourced.


Virgis Filter consider Quality as the tool to satisfy customer expectations and to
continually improve, furthermore it is key to our strategy of delivering quality products at competitive prices.

Our policy is based as follows :

  • Customer satisfaction / Development
  • Innovation a technology
  • Continuous product and management structure improvement
  • Active involvement of employees
  • Cooperation with suppliers

Virgis Filter S.p.a. produces air filters from 1983.

The company supplies the best known manufacturers of Italian and foreign industrial engines and machines.

The life cycle of the product delivered to the customer is elaborated by specific internal technical skills. Documented control procedures are applied at the entrance (of raw and auxiliary materials), during the design, production and testing phases. We use, for this purpose, a well-equipped internal laboratory and qualified external laboratories.

Among the products we mention:

  • air filters and accessories for engines, compressors, tractors, earth moving machines;
  • filters for plastics processing machines;
  • filters for compressors and generators;
  • air filters for marine engines;
  • panel filters for cabins;
  • panel filters for air conditioning systems

The Management believes that Quality, understood above all as the ability to meet customer expectations and Environmental Management, understood above all as prevention of pollution, are fundamental factors for competitive success, as well as survival. Virgis Filter therefore intends to pursue the continuous improvement of its performance both in terms of product quality and environmental protection, with modern management of the company organization and optimal use of all resources.

In order to concretize this purpose, we have decided to establish, maintain and certify a Quality System compliant with the requirements of the international UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, integrated over the years with an Environmental Management System consistent with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, convinced that the reduction of environmental impacts is an essential and advantageous prerequisite for our activities, as well as a moral duty.

Our company:

  • pursues customer satisfaction by respecting the agreed delivery dates and offering a service / product responding to market demands.
  • it privileges suppliers who intend to constitute an integral and effective part of Virgis Filter's activity and who seek with us goals of mutual and continuous improvement
  • is attentive to innovation, through the design and marketing of products in line with the technical evolutions of the application sectors.

We believe that the awareness, information and training of all staff on the issues of Quality and the Environment, on new technological developments and statistical techniques is essential for the good functioning of the Integrated System; therefore, we regularly hold information and training meetings with employees and collaborators and verify their learning and effectiveness.

Finally, we intend to constantly monitor our organizational processes through the systematic conduct of internal audits, the management of detected Non-Conformities and the application of appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

The Virgis Filter Management therefore:

  • ensures that this Policy is widespread, understood and shared at every corporate level, as well as disclosed to interested Customers, suppliers and third parties and periodically reviewed;
  • rigorously pursues compliance with current legislation and any other signed prescription, related to quality and environmental management, as well as to the level of safety in the workplace;
  • allocates adequate human and financial resources to implement the Policy itself and to achieve the objectives necessary to apply it and defined on the basis of the periodic assessment of processes and environmental impacts.

In particular, the Objectives are planned with specific Programs, assigned to responsible functions, determined in necessary resources and deadlines as well as quantified, where possible. Thanks to the implementation of the integrated environmental system, Virgis Filter over time has managed to obtain important improvements for the prevention of pollution.

In particular:

  • adaptation of civil water discharges through an important intervention carried out in collaboration with other neighboring companies and the managing body of the integrated water service of the territory;
  • reorganization of the management of waste produced on the farm.

At the date of issue of this Policy, the new Virgis Filter Objectives are mainly linked to:

  • improvement of asbestos management, through the identification of a schedule of activities and through periodic assessments, under the supervision of the Asbestos Manager,
  • optimization of water and energy consumption,
  • identification of better indices for the control of company performance on the management of waste produced.



La Direzione


ISO 9001


ISO 14001


UL 558 Backfire Deflector Assemblies

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