Virgis Filter consider Quality as the tool to satisfy customer expectations and to continually improve, furthermore it is key to our strategy of delivering quality products at competitive prices.
Our policy is based as follows : 

  1. Customer satisfaction / Development
  2. Innovation a technology
  3. Continuous product and management structure improvement
  4. Active involvement of employees
  5. Cooperation with suppliers

Virgis Filter has got the certification ISO 9001 on 2005..

This is the first step to achieve the CONSTANT QUALITY IMPROVEMENT.

For each air filter Virgis Filter make vibration test, climatic room test, lab life test has been done according to ISO 5011 laboratory test procedure and field test so the customers can get a reliable product.

Our certifications:
 ISO 9001 Certificate
 ISO 14001 Certificate
 UL 558 Backfire Deflector Assemblies